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Baseball Eliminated From Olympics After 2008

John Manuel -

Jacques Rogge finally got what he wanted: baseball and softball out of the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee, following the lead of its president, had secret-ballot voting on all 28 sports on the Olympic program Thursday, and baseball and softball were the only two that failed to receive the majority of votes needed to stay in the Games. So the 2008 Beijing Olympics will likely be the last Games with baseball and softball for the foreseeable future.

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World Cup Announcement Expected This Week

Alan Schwarz -

NEW YORK—Baseball's long wait for a World Cup-style international tournament, with the game's best players representing their countries, is over. Two Major League Baseball Players Association officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Major League Baseball and the MLBPA will announce either Wednesday or Thursday that a 16-team tournament will be held during spring training of 2006.

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