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15 Area Code Games Standouts

Aaron Fitt -Premium Content

As the six-day Area Code Games at Blair Field concluded, we asked more than a half-dozen scouting directors and crosscheckers a simple, open-ended question: "Who impressed you most this week?" Some responded with a bunch of names, some with just a few, and two of our respondents gave us just one name. It was the same name in both cases—the first name on our list below. This isn't intended to be a ranking of the prospects at the Area Codes—rather, it is simply an answer to the intentionally subjective question posed above. Here are 15 players who got the most support in our survey.

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Area Code Games Wrapup

Matt Blood -Premium Content

The 22nd annual Area Code Games came to an end, on time and in front of a sparse crowd (most scouts and college coaches left California Saturday evening on red eye flights), Sunday evening at Blair field in Long Beach. The event was a logistical success as the weather was perfect, and all 20 games on the schedule were completed without one hint of a weather delay.<br/>However, the one hiccup in the event's details was the overlapping of the dates between the Area Code Games and the Aflac All-American Game. Due to the Aflac game being played in the same week, many of the nation's best players, that would have typically been at the Area Code Games, were not present. As it turned out, the scheduling made things easier on scouts and college coaches as it was possible to knock out both events in one trip. In turn, the talent level at the Area Code Games inevitably took a hit.

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