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Round 39

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State Bonus
1 1157 Houston Astros Juan Santos   RHP Arlington Country Day School, Jacksonville Fla.
2 1158 Chicago Cubs Josh Greene   OF Forest HS, Ocala, Fla. Fla.
3 1159 Colorado Rockies Cole Norton   OF St. Mary's Calif.
4 1160 Minnesota Twins Seth Wagner   LHP Mifflin County HS, Lewistown, Pa. Pa.
5 1161 Cleveland Indians Frank Duncan   RHP Kansas Kan.
6 1162 228 Miami Marlins Daulton Jefferies   RHP Buhach Colony HS, Atwater, Calif. Calif.
7 1163 Boston Red Sox K.J. Trader   RHP Delmar (Del.) HS Del.
8 1164 297 Kansas City Royals John Sternagel   SS Rockledge (Fla.) HS Fla.
9 1165 Toronto Blue Jays Zach Levinson   SS Wagner HS, New York N.Y.
10 1166 New York Mets Logan Quimuyog   1B Mosley HS, Lynn Haven, Fla. Fla.
11 1167 Seattle Mariners Sam Hellinger   RHP West Seattle HS Wash.
12 1168 San Diego Padres Brock Carpenter   SS Fife (Wash.) HS Wash.
13 1169 Pittsburgh Pirates Jacob Smigelski   RHP UC Riverside Calif.
14 1170 Arizona Diamondbacks Mark Karaviotis   SS Maui HS, Kahului, Hawaii Hawaii
15 1171 Philadelphia Phillies Brandon Wagner   3B Immaculata HS, Somerville, N.J. N.J.
16 1172 Milwaukee Brewers Jack Cleary   C Maryland Md.
17 1173 Chicago White Sox Wolfie Tash   3B Venice HS, Los Angeles Calif.
18 1174 Los Angeles Dodgers Jake Sidwell   C Olympia HS, Orlando Fla.
19 1175 St. Louis Cardinals Kevin Herget   RHP Kean (N.J.) N.J.
20 1176 379 Detroit Tigers Anfernee Grier   OF Russell County HS, Seale, Ala. Ala.
21 1177 Los Angeles Angels Dan Tobik   RHP Tennessee-Martin Tenn.
22 1178 Tampa Bay Rays Johnny Meszaros   RHP Service HS, Anchorage Alaska
23 1179 Baltimore Orioles Augey Bill   LHP Arizona Ariz.
24 1180 Texas Rangers Jay Gonzalez   OF Auburn Ala.
25 1181 Oakland Athletics Hayden Howard   LHP Seward County (Kan.) JC Kan.
26 1182 San Francisco Giants Chris Viall   RHP Soquel (Calif.) HS Calif.
27 1183 Atlanta Braves Francisco Cruz   OF Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Gurabo, P.R. P.R.
28 1184 New York Yankees Ty Afenir   SS Washington Wash.
29 1185 Cincinnati Reds Manny Cruz   SS Wolcott (Conn.) HS Conn.
30 1186 Washington Nationals Robbie Tenerowicz   2B Campolindo HS, Moraga, Calif. Calif.