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Round 40

Players signed indicated in Bold

Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 1209 Houston Astros Joe Shaw   RHP Ennis (Texas) HS Texas
2 1210 Minnesota Twins Brad Schreiber   RHP Purdue Ind.
3 1211 73 Seattle Mariners James Kaprielian   RHP Beckman HS, Irvine, Calif. Calif.
4 1212 Baltimore Orioles Ray Hunnicutt   OF Central HS, Hampshire, Ill. Ill.
5 1213 Kansas City Royals Taylor Kaczmarek   RHP South Mountain (Ariz.) JC Ariz.
6 1214 Chicago Cubs Jacob Rogers   1B Mount Olive (N.C.) N.C.
7 1215 San Diego Padres Terrance Owens   LHP Toledo Ohio
8 1216 Pittsburgh Pirates Zarley Zalewski   OF Valley HS, New Kensington, Pa. Pa.
9 1217 Miami Marlins Alex Polston   SS Albert HS, Midwest City, Okla. Okla.
10 1218 Colorado Rockies Brandon Montalvo   C Langham Creek HS, Houston Texas
11 1219 Oakland Athletics David Olmedo-Barrera   SS St. Francis HS, Mountain View, Calif. Calif.
12 1220 348 New York Mets David Gonzalez   RHP Gainesville (Ga.) HS Ga.
13 1221 Chicago White Sox Sam Mason   RHP Beverly Hills (Calif.) HS Calif.
14 1222 Cincinnati Reds Rafael Pineda   RHP Texas A&M Texas
15 1223 Cleveland Indians Anthony Hawkins   OF Fresno HS Calif.
16 1224 Washington Nationals Ricky Gutierrez   OF American Senior HS, Miami Fla.
17 1225 Toronto Blue Jays Jose Cuas   SS Grand Street Campus HS, Brooklyn N.Y.
18 1226 380 Los Angeles Dodgers Pat Stover   OF Santa Clara Calif.
19 1227 Los Angeles Angels Blake Amaral   OF Hawaii Pacific Hawaii
20 1228 San Francisco Giants Tyler Ferguson   RHP Clovis (Calif.) West HS Calif.
21 1229 Atlanta Braves Jimmy Herget   RHP Jefferson HS, Tampa Fla.
22 1230 St. Louis Cardinals Ian Rice   C Madison Academy, Huntsville, Ala. Ala.
23 1231 Boston Red Sox Kevin Heller   OF Amherst (Mass.) Mass.
24 1232 444 Tampa Bay Rays Nick Sawyer   RHP Howard (Texas) JC Texas
25 1233 Arizona Diamondbacks Zane Hemond   RHP Montrose (Colo.) HS Colo.
26 1234 Detroit Tigers Ryan Longstreth   LHP Central Michigan Mich.
27 1235 Milwaukee Brewers Chucky Vazquez   C American Senior HS, Miami Fla.
28 1236 Texas Rangers Paul Schwendel   RHP Emory (Ga.) Ga.
29 1237 New York Yankees Sherman Lacrus   OF/C Western Oklahoma State JC Okla.
30 1238 Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hanhold   RHP East Lake HS, Palm Harbor, Fla. Fla.