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Round 36

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 1089 478 Houston Astros Mike Martinez   3B Florida International Fla.
2 1090 Minnesota Twins Brandon Bayardi   OF Nevada-Las Vegas Nev.
3 1091 396 Seattle Mariners Trey Wingenter   RHP Jones HS, Madison, Ala. Ala.
4 1092 Baltimore Orioles Peter Irvin   LHP Skagit Valley (Wash.) JC Wash.
5 1093 Kansas City Royals Raphael Andrades   OF Lincoln HS, Tallahassee, Fla. Fla.
6 1094 Chicago Cubs Sly Edwards   OF St. Brendan HS, Miami Fla.
7 1095 San Diego Padres Mac Seibert   2B Tate HS, Cantonment, Fla. Fla.
8 1096 494 Pittsburgh Pirates Brody Russell   2B Centennial HS, Bakersfield, Calif. Calif.
9 1097 Miami Marlins Kendall Graveman   RHP Mississippi State Miss.
10 1098 Colorado Rockies Kevin Bradley   SS Hopewell Valley Central HS, Pennington, N.J. N.J.
11 1099 Oakland Athletics Conor Williams   RHP/OF Bingham HS, South Jordan, Utah Utah
12 1100 New York Mets Donnie Walton   SS Bishop Kelley HS, Tulsa Okla.
13 1101 Chicago White Sox Mitch Patishall   RHP Pendleton (Ind.) Heights HS Ind.
14 1102 Cincinnati Reds Jarvis Flowers   2B Cy-Ranch HS, Cypress, Texas Texas
15 1103 Cleveland Indians Benny Suarez   RHP Hill (Texas) JC Texas
16 1104 Washington Nationals Max Ungar   C Smith Jewish Day School, Bethesda, Md. Md.
17 1105 Toronto Blue Jays Brian Cruz   SS Galveston (Texas) JC Texas
18 1106 Los Angeles Dodgers Jose Vizcaino Jr.   3B Parker HS, San Diego Calif.
19 1107 Los Angeles Angels Kenny Hatcher   RHP Dallas Baptist Texas
20 1108 San Francisco Giants Clint Terry   LHP San Mateo (Calif.) JC Calif.
21 1109 284 Atlanta Braves Braden Bishop   OF St. Francis HS, Mountain View, Calif. Calif.
22 1110 458 St. Louis Cardinals Alex Swim   C Elon N.C.
23 1111 Boston Red Sox Miguel Rodriguez   C UNC Charlotte N.C.
24 1112 Tampa Bay Rays Brett McAfee   SS Panola (Texas) JC Texas
25 1113 Arizona Diamondbacks Andrew Barbosa   LHP South Florida Fla.
26 1114 171 Detroit Tigers Clate Schmidt   RHP Allatoona HS, Acworth, Ga. Ga.
27 1115 Milwaukee Brewers Alex Mangano   C Southwest Miami HS Fla.
28 1116 Texas Rangers Sterling Wynn   LHP China Spring (Texas) HS Texas
29 1117 New York Yankees Dalton Smith   C University City HS, San Diego Calif.
30 1118 Philadelphia Phillies Charles Galiano   C Commack (N.Y.) HS N.Y.