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Round 16

Players signed indicated in Bold

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Pick Overall BA Rk Team Player [+All] Position School State
1 489 Houston Astros Dan Gulbransen   OF Jacksonville Fla.
2 490 Minnesota Twins Will Hurt   SS Lexington (Ky.) Catholic HS Ky.
3 491 Seattle Mariners Dominic Leone   RHP Clemson S.C.
4 492 Baltimore Orioles Luc Rennie   RHP Torrey Pines HS, San Diego Calif.
5 493 491 Kansas City Royals Austin Fairchild   LHP St. Thomas HS, Houston Texas
6 494 326 Chicago Cubs Mike Hamann   RHP Toledo Ohio
7 495 231 San Diego Padres Ronnie Richardson   OF Central Florida Fla.
8 496 Pittsburgh Pirates Max Moroff   SS Trinity Prep, Winter Park, Fla. Fla.
9 497 Miami Marlins Brian Ellington   RHP West Florida Fla.
10 498 Colorado Rockies Jeff Popick   OF Colorado Mesa Colo.
11 499 Oakland Athletics Melvin Mercedes   SS JC of Central Florida Fla.
12 500 358 New York Mets Myles Smith   RHP Miami Dade JC Fla.
13 501 Chicago White Sox Abe Ruiz   1B Arizona State Ariz.
14 502 Cincinnati Reds Nick Routt   LHP Mississippi State Miss.
15 503 Cleveland Indians Cody Penny   RHP North Carolina N.C.
16 504 410 Washington Nationals Ronald Pena   RHP Palm Beach State (Fla.) JC Fla.
17 505 Toronto Blue Jays Will Dupont   2B Lafayette HS, Wildwood, Mo. Mo.
18 506 Los Angeles Dodgers Josh Henderson   OF First Baptist Christian HS, Suffolk, Va. Va.
19 507 Los Angeles Angels Kody Eaves   2B Pasadena (Texas) Memorial HS Texas
20 508 San Francisco Giants Ian Gardeck   RHP Alabama Ala.
21 509 302 Atlanta Braves Fernelys Sanchez   OF Washington HS, New York N.Y.
22 510 St. Louis Cardinals Joe Scanio   RHP Northwestern State La.
23 511 Boston Red Sox Stephen Williams   RHP Seminole State (Okla.) JC Okla.
24 512 Tampa Bay Rays Tommy Coyle   2B North Carolina N.C.
25 513 Arizona Diamondbacks Landon Lassiter   SS North Davidson HS, Lexington, N.C. N.C.
26 514 420 Detroit Tigers Josh Turley   LHP Baylor Texas
27 515 464 Milwaukee Brewers Adam Giacalone   1B Neosho County (Kan.) JC Kan.
28 516 Texas Rangers JanLuis Castro   2B Colegio Hector Urdaneta HS, Rio Grande, P.R. P.R.
29 517 320 New York Yankees Stefan Lopez   RHP Southeastern Louisiana La.
30 518 Philadelphia Phillies Nic Hanson   RHP Golden West (Calif.) JC Calif.