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Players From Kan.

Players signed indicated in Bold

Round Overall Team Player [+All] Position School
1s 53 Texas Rangers Collin Wiles   RHP Blue Valley West HS, Stilwell, Kan.
11 362 Tampa Bay Rays Clayton Henning   OF St. Thomas Aquinas HS, Overland Park, Kan.
16 515 Milwaukee Brewers Adam Giacalone   1B Neosho County (Kan.) JC
18 554 Chicago Cubs David Bote   SS Neosho County (Kan.) JC
21 643 Kansas City Royals Matt Strahm   LHP Neosho County (Kan.) JC
24 739 Oakland Athletics Kayvon Bahramzadeh RHP Kansas State
25 766 Pittsburgh Pirates Josh Smith LHP Wichita State
27 837 Los Angeles Angels Wade Hinkle 1B Kansas State
28 865 Toronto Blue Jays Dan Klein C Kansas State
30 921 Chicago White Sox Jake Brown SS Kansas State
31 943 Kansas City Royals Hayden Edwards RHP Blue Valley HS, Stilwell, Kan.
35 1085 Milwaukee Brewers Jose Sermo   SS Bethany (Kan.)
37 1135 Toronto Blue Jays Daniel Devonshire 1B Colby (Kan.) JC