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Baseball America’s Draft Delirium Contest all started with a dream. Or rather, an email from Matt Eddy.

Bryce Harper Autographed Prospect Handbook Cover

Bryce Harper Autographed Prospect Handbook Cover

While reporting on a story that you can read in the current issue of Baseball America (and online here), Matt figured out the best draft picks in each organization’s history. That is, the best player that every team had drafted, signed and developed into a big league star for its own use, since the draft started in 1965. He used Wins Above Replacement, as used by Baseball-Reference, as his determining metric. (If you don’t know what Wins Above Replacement is, here’s B-Ref’s explanation.)

Finding the results intriguing, Matt sent around a quiz to the editorial staff, with the team name, the player’s position, and his career WAR number for that team. He challenged staff members to fill in all 30 players with no outside assistance. Well it turns out that no one could do it. It sure was fun to try, though, so we decided to make it a contest that everyone can enjoy.

Without further ado, then, we bring you Baseball America Draft Delirium! To enter you have to go to Facebook and Like our page (if you don’t already), then simply fill in the 30 names. We have given you the same hints that the editorial staff received.

Stephen Strasburg Autographed Draft Almanac

Stephen Strasburg Autographed Draft Almanac

If you get all 30 correct, then you’ll have a chance at some really cool prizes. We have the Byron Buxton Minor League Player of the Year cover, autographed by Byron Buxton himself; the 2011 Prospect Handbook cover featuring Bryce Harper, autographed by Bryce Harper himself; and the Draft Almanac cover featuring Stephen Strasburg, autographed by Stephen Strasburg himself. Winners will be selected from among all correct entries. You can read the complete, official rules at the bottom of the quiz.

Granted, some of the answers are gimmes. We’re confident you’ll be able to breeze through a good part of the quiz. But those last few answers, they’re diabolical. And that’s where we’ll separate the winners from the losers. Now we can’t expect you not to consult some outside sources, and if you’re a Baseball America subscriber you’ll be able to read the answers soon enough. But at least try going through it with no outside help the first time. We guarantee that that at least a few of the answers will make you go “Hmm.”

What are you still reading for? Get over to Facebook and start filling out your entry!

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