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Friends, Family Help Deven Marrero Leave Past Behind

Jim Gintonio -

As a talented young athlete with the goal of playing in the major leagues, Deven Marrero was living an idyllic life in South Florida. His years of practice and dedication had thrust him into the spotlight at an early age, and anyone who saw him play could see a superstar in the making. It seemed as if the good times would last forever. And then his world crashed down.

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Quarterbacks Have A Rich History In MLB

Conor Glassey -

Hueytown (Ala.) outfielder Jameis Winston is just the latest in a long line of quarterbacks with ties to baseball. Some of them (like Bubba Starling) decided to play baseball instead of football, some of them (like Tom Brady) turned down a shot at pro baseball to play football and some of them (like Drew Henson) played both sports professionally.

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Draft Day Memories

As part of Baseball America's draft coverage this year, we have launched our All-Time Draft Database at It's a fun tool that inevitably leads down memory lane. For example, you can see every shortstop drafted in 1992, from Derek Jeter at sixth overall to Torry Zerilla, the 1,411st pick. You can see every player drafted from your alma matter, or see which team had the best 10th-round pick in the 1980s.<br/><br/>Baseball America subscribers will also be able to see pre-draft scouting reports for numerous players, as well as signing bonus information and signing scouts.<br/><br/>But the draft is more than just a database of names and numbers. Every draft pick has a story behind it, and here are some of those stories. . .

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The BA Experts Pick: Our Draft Experts Select Their First Round

Jim Callis, Conor Glassey and John Manuel -

With the draft less than two months away, we present a look at how the first round would unfold—if three of our draft experts were in charge of each team's scouting department. This isn't a projection of how the first round will play out, but rather who editor John Manuel, executive editor Jim Callis and assistant editor Conor Glassey prefer for picks 1-33. They alternated choices throughout the first round while taking into account each club's needs and financial situation.

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Brawny Cron Brothers Heed Father’s Lessons

Teddy Cahill -Premium Content

For years Kevin Cron watched his father Chris try and maximize the wealth of natural talent his older brother C.J. possessed. Largely, it went well. C.J. was a two-time all-state player at Mountain Pointe High in Phoenix with plenty of potential for Chris to mold into a polished baseball player.

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