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2011 Draft Overview

Conor Glassey -

The past two drafts have been defined by one player, and the Nationals' scouting director held the first pick both times. Two years ago, righthander Stephen Strasburg captured the country's attention as one of the most dominating college pitchers ever. Last year it was all about Las Vegas phenom Bryce Harper, who graduated high school two years early to become draft eligible. This year, after a 57-105 2010 campaign, the Pirates hold the first pick, and with less than a month before draft day, no Strasburg or Harper has emerged as an obvious No. 1 overall talent.

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May 13 Mock Draft: Gerrit Cole To Pirates At No. 1

Jim Callis -Premium Content

For the first time in three years, the No. 1 overall pick in the draft isn't obvious weeks in advance. In 2009, the Nationals immediately locked in on Stephen Strasburg, the best pitching prospect in draft history. Washington had the top choice again last year and targeted Bryce Harper and his jaw-dropping power well before June. But that doesn't keep us from rolling out our first Mock Draft of the draft season.

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Draft Day Memories

As part of Baseball America's draft coverage this year, we have launched our All-Time Draft Database at It's a fun tool that inevitably leads down memory lane. For example, you can see every shortstop drafted in 1992, from Derek Jeter at sixth overall to Torry Zerilla, the 1,411st pick. You can see every player drafted from your alma matter, or see which team had the best 10th-round pick in the 1980s.<br/><br/>Baseball America subscribers will also be able to see pre-draft scouting reports for numerous players, as well as signing bonus information and signing scouts.<br/><br/>But the draft is more than just a database of names and numbers. Every draft pick has a story behind it, and here are some of those stories. . .

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