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Ranaudo Goes To Cape To Establish His Value

Conor Glassey -Premium Content

Coming into the season, Louisiana State righthander Anthony Ranaudo was seen as the second-best prospect—behind only Bryce Harper—in the 2010 draft class. But after a stress reaction in his elbow limited the 6-foot-7, 230-pounder to just 52 inconsistent innings for the Tigers, he slid to the Red Sox in the supplemental first round.

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Spence Hopes To Prove Himself Again

Tyler Jett -Premium Content

For most of his life, Australian lefthander Josh Spence chased the dream of playing professional baseball in the United States. When he finally reached it last summer, when his seemingly endless repertoire of pitches earned him the promise of a six-figure contract, he let the dream go—if only temporarily.

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