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Team-Changing Talent

Jim Callis -Premium Content

These are Baseball America's rankings of the 20 best drafts of all time, a subjective ranking but one based on a number of objective criteria. This chart includes the most notable players in each class, number of big leaguers, Win Shares (a Bill James statistic that measures the overall worth of a player), all-stars, All-Star Game appearances and significant awards won.

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If At First . . .

John Manuel -Premium Content

The old draft adage is that teams take what the draft gives them. This draft has hitters, and most of the nation's top hitters who are draft-eligible play first base. The significant exceptions—Florida State catcher Buster Posey, California prep catcher Kyle Skipworth, Georgia shortstop Gordon Beckham and (unrelated) Georgia prep shortstop Tim Beckham—all play middle-of-the-diamond positions. The other exception, Vanderbilt third baseman Pedro Alvarez, is the draft's No. 1 talent.

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