Free-Agent Compensation Update

The Type A/Type B free-agent compensation system will be eliminated under baseball's new collective bargaining agreement. In the final offseason of the old system, MLB and the MLB Players Association made some modifications.

The compensation for Type A free agents remains the same: A first-round pick from the signing team, as well as a supplemental first-round choice. Clubs that finished in the bottom half of the major league standings have their first-rounders protected from compensation, and teams can't lose consolation picks for failure to sign players from the previous draft. If a club signs multiple Type A free agents, the team that lost the higher-ranking player gets the better choice.

Six Type A free agents (Heath Bell, Michael Cuddyer, Kelly Johnson, Ryan Madson, Francisco Rodriguez, Josh Willingham) were designated as modified Type A free agents. Rather then getting a pick from the signing team, the former club will get a a choice immediately preceding that pick along with the normal supplemental first-rounder.

Five more Type A free agents (Matt Capps, Francisco Cordero, Octavio Dotel, Ramon Hernandez, Darren Oliver) were declared Type B free agents, with the caveat that their former club didn't have to offer them arbitration to receive compensation. All other qualified free agents required an arbitration offer by Nov. 23 to return compensation.

Below is the team-by-team listing of compensation free agents, with their Type in free agents. Modified Type A free agents are indicated with an A*. There has been no offical word whether the Tigers offered arbitration to Type B free agents Wilson Betemit and Magglio Ordonez, so they're not included.

The list doesn't including one Type A free agent (Jonathan Papelbon) and four Type B free agents (Rod Barajas, Clint Barmes, Ryan Doumit, Mark Ellis) who signed before the Nov. 23 deadline. More on them in a moment.

Potential Compensation Free Agents
Athletics: Josh Willingham (A*), David DeJesus (B).
Blue Jays: Kelly Johnson (A*), Frank Francisco (B), Jose Molina (B), *Jon Rauch (B).
Brewers: Prince Fielder (A), Francisco Rodriguez (A*).
Cardinals: Albert Pujols (A), Octavio Dotel (B), Edwin Jackson (B).
Cubs: Carlos Pena (B), Aramis Ramirez (B).
Mets: Jose Reyes (A).
Padres: Heath Bell (A*), Aaron Harang (B).
Phillies: Jimmy Rollins (A), Ryan Madson (A*), Raul Ibanez (B).
Pirates: Derrek Lee (B).
Rangers: C.J. Wilson (A), Darren Oliver (B).
Red Sox: David Ortiz (A), Dan Wheeler (B).
Reds: Francisco Cordero (B), Ramon Hernandez (B).
Twins: Michael Cuddyer (A*), Matt Capps (B), Jason Kubel (B).
White Sox: Mark Buehrle (B).

Five supplemental first-round picks already have been created for the free agents who changed teams before the arbitration-offer deadline. The Red Sox will receive the 31st and final pick in the first round from the Phillies, who signed Papelbon, and currently have the top sandwich pick. The supplemental first-round order as of now:

Supplemental First Round Order
32. Red Sox (Jonathan Papelbon, A, to Phi)
33. Astros (Clint Barmes, B, to Pit)
34. Pirates (Ryan Doumit, B, to Min)
35. Rockies (Mark Ellis, B, to LAD)
36. Dodgers (Rod Barajas, B, to Pit)

We'll track changes to the draft order throughout the offseason in our Ask BA column.

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