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2005 Draft Scouting Reports: Arizona

Allan Simpson -Premium Content

With 11 players in our top 200, Arizona's influence on the draft will be significant—particularly the University of Arizona's. But it could have been greater had the state's three best high school talents at the start of the year—Brett Jacobson, Ike Davis and Matt Hall—not backed up a bit.

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O’Sullivan Stays Busy

Alan Matthews -

In a draft class heavily weighted with two-way standouts, Sean O'Sullivan, a senior righthander from Valhalla High in suburban San Diego has the moves to play professionally on the mound or at the plate. O'Sullivan's package of legitimate pitching and hitting tools is among the most intriguing in the class, and he enters the season ranked as the nation's No. 3 prep prospect.

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2005 Draft Archive

J.J. Cooper -

The Final Grades Craig Hansen’s power slider was the best breaking ball in the draft We wrap up our Expanded Draft Report Cards will some overall rankings and a compilation of All-Star teams. […]

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Luke Hochevar Negotiations Get Weird

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By John Manuel and Kevin Goldstein September 9, 2005 Luke Hochevar admitted to having a difficult Labor Day weekend. The Tennessee All-America righthander said Thursday that yes, he switched advisers […]