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Rare Convergence Leads To Busy Weekend For N.C. Scouts

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The life of a major league scouting director is never boring, but check in with one 75 days before the draft, when things are really spinning, and there's no telling what state he'll be in—that's state of mind or of the country. At least a dozen of the most significant talent evaluators in baseball tried to clear their minds and schedules for the third weekend in March, when all three of the Atlantic Coast Conference schools in North Carolina's Research Triangle played host to conference opponents.

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2005 Early Draft Preview: Overview

Jim Callis -Premium Content

According to scouting directors, the 2005 draft class doesn't need a boost from Townsend's presence. By all accounts, it's a deep class that scouts are looking forward to sifting through, even if they aren't looking forward to paying the players at the top the multimillion-dollar, major league contracts that Justin Verlander, Humber and Niemann received as the second, third and fourth selections in 2004.

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Mixed Results Cloud Johnson’s Draft Stock

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For seniors hopeful of being drafted in June, the months leading up to their final high school season can crawl by agonizingly slow. But few in this year's class have awaited Opening Day as eagerly as Cody Johnson. Though Johnson, a laid-back, unassuming 6-foot-5 slugger from the Florida panhandle, rarely feels restless, the start of his senior season represents a fresh start and it couldn't come a moment too soon.

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Juco Jamboree: Top 25 Prospects

Allan Simpson -Premium Content

Here's how Baseball America's Allan Simpson sees the nation's top 25 junior college prospects for the 2006 draft. For players that were drafted in 2005 and remain under control, the team that drafted them (and the round) is noted. Such players will be eligible to sign after their 2006 season is complete until the closed period—a week before the draft. They will re-enter this year's draft if they don't sign.

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