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Draft Dish: July 27

Jim Callis -

By the end of July, the Tigers still hadn't signed their first-round pick. But that's becoming business as usual for Detroit and wasn't entirely unexpected.

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Virginia Scouting Reports

Will Kimmey -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Old Dominion, which doesn't have as much depth this year as it has enjoyed recently, but should still produce a first-rounder.

Draft | #2006

Tennessee Scouting Reports

Alan Matthews -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Volunteer State, where the available talent for this year's draft got a boost when Bryan Morris did not sign with the Devil Rays.

Draft | #2006

Draft Dish

John Manuel -Premium Content

The Yankees have reached a deal with Ian Kennedy, sources say, but the deal is being kept under wraps while attempting to get the commissioner's office's approval.

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Draft Dish

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The Cubs used their creativity to land talent in a draft where they lacked second, third and fourth round picks.

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