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Scout School Molds Next Generation Of Scouts

Alan Matthews -

For the past four years, Alan Matthews has traveled across the country covering amateur baseball, specifically high school players, for Baseball America. This fall, he enrolled in the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau's annual scout development program, which was held in Phoenix. The two-week "scout school" features a comprehensive curriculum that includes classroom lectures, film sessions and daily trips to nearby ballparks, where students train their eye to identify and evaluate amateur and professional players.

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Top Pick, Top Talent Sign Big Deals

John Manuel -Premium Content

Andrew Miller has had quite a year. The North Carolina lefthander was the College Player of the Year, led the Tar Heels to the College World Series championship series and was the No. 6 overall pick in the draft. Then he signed with the Tigers for the largest guaranteed contract of any 2006 draftee, just edging out the No. 1 overall pick, righthander Luke Hochevar, who signed with the Royals a day before Miller's contract became official. To top it off, Miller will end his year in the major leagues.

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Missouri Scouting Reports

Jim Callis -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Show-Me State, one of the nation's underhyped producers of baseball talent that should again produce a couple of first-round picks.

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Michigan Scouting Reports

Jim Callis -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from the Great Lakes State, which is historically thin in talent this year and could have just a couple of players taken in the first 10 rounds.

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Lower New England Scouting Reports

Aaron Fitt -

Top prospects for the 2006 draft from Connecticut and Rhode Island, where a couple of solid college pitchers are the only things that stand between Lower New England and a dreaded one-star rating.

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