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Worth Following Up

Matt Blood -Premium Content

Though Major League Baseball did away with the draft-and-follow process by instituting an Aug. 15 signing deadline beginning with the 2007 draft, teams still pick players with the intention of evaluating them further in what is known as a summer follow. The summer follow usually arises for prospects who had performed well in the past but played poorly in the spring leading up to the draft, or for players who were hurt during the spring and were either unable to play or hampered by their injuries.

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Premium Stock

Dave Perkin -

Perhaps the most fascinating storyline of the 2009 Draft has begun to develop in Southern California, courtesy of the Stock brothers. Robert Stock of USC, currently playing in the Cape […]

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Swing And A Miss

Will Lingo -Premium Content

Of all the teams and all the years of drafting players, these were the only six drafts we could find that produced absolutely zero big leaguers. For some teams there were extenuating circumstances, while for others it was just a case of picking the wrong players.

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Team-Changing Talent

Jim Callis -Premium Content

These are Baseball America's rankings of the 20 best drafts of all time, a subjective ranking but one based on a number of objective criteria. This chart includes the most notable players in each class, number of big leaguers, Win Shares (a Bill James statistic that measures the overall worth of a player), all-stars, All-Star Game appearances and significant awards won.

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T.O.S. Report: Taking a Liking

Matt Blood -

A common phrase heard in conversation amongst scouts and college coaches is the simple question, "Who do you like?" It is always interesting to hear an evaluator’s response to the […]


More On The Beckham Signing

Jim Callis -

Tim Beckham’s $6.15 million bonus deal with the Rays is now official. He’ll fly to Princeton, W.Va., on Sunday to join Tampa Bay’s Rookie-level Appalachian League affiliate, and he’ll probably […]


Rays Sign Beckham For Record Bonus

Jim Callis -

The Rays will announce today that they have signed No. 1 overall draft pick Tim Beckham to a draft-record $6.15 million bonus. Beckham, a five-tool shortstop from Griffin (Ga.) High, […]