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Overall Draft Top 33

Jim Callis -Premium Content

Thanks to the Nationals and Yankees' inability to sign their 2008 first-round picks, the 2009 first round is already the longest in baseball history, and if the Mariners can't sign Joshua Fields, it will extend to 33 picks. But there's no debate as to who is at the top of everyone's list heading into the 2009 college and high school seasons, as Stephen Strasburg is the clear No. 1.

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Super Bowl Ties

John Manuel -

This story on Yahoo! got me looking through BA’s draft archives. We now have 10 years of draft coverage in our archives after finding our ’99 stuff, which also is […]


Different Stokes In Cali JCs

Dave Perkin -

LOS ANGELES—A cursory peek at the brightly colored weather page in any national newspaper reveals the depressing Freezing, near-zero mercury readings throughout the Midwest and blizzards blanketing the northeast. […]


Cuckoo For Cuckovich

Dave Perkin -

BA’s own bird dog, Dave Perkin, checks in from the inaugural Big 3 of the West college showcase. LONG BEACH—The dream, rarely fulfilled, of every baseball scout and recruiter is […]


Tate Commits To North Carolina

John Manuel -

Coming off three straight trips to the College World Series—plus an 8-4 season in football—North Carolina has landed the nation’s No. 2 player in the 2009 prep class. Sources have […]


Mining For Talent

Lorraine Cwelich -Premium Content

As director of the Major League Scouting Bureau, Frank Marcos is quietly one of the most influential people in baseball. While the 30 major league franchises all have their own scouting staffs, the scouting bureau serves as an independent, nationwide scouting network that evaluates prospects and reports its assessments to all the teams. Freelance writer Lorraine Cwelich, on assignment for Baseball America, sat down with Marcos for a look at exactly what scouts consider when rating prospects—and how a young player can access the scouting system. The conversation with Marcos revealed (among many other things) what scouts observe that is unrelated to results, as well as how the mission of the scouting bureau differs from that of individual teams.

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