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Hawaii Leads Impressive 2013 Recruiting Classes

Aaron Fitt -Premium Content

It is as commonplace for scouts to rip the quality of a college draft class as it is for college coaches to complain about professional teams becoming more aggressive signing players out of high school. But heading into 2013, both of those gripes have merit. Still, Hawaii, Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, San Diego and UCLA put together impressive recruiting classes for 2013.

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2013 HS Top 100 With Commitments

Conor Glassey & Nathan Rode -Premium Content

An early look at the top high school prospects for the 2013 draft, with their college commitments. The list is based on future pro potential and was put together with the input of dozens of scouts and college coaches. This year's high school class doesn't have the top-end talent of last year, but there is some interesting depth, especially with catchers and lefthanded pitchers.

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Canada Gets Rare Role Of WBC Favorite

John Manuel -Premium Content

Antoan Richardson was born in the Bahamas, went to high school at American Heritage High in South Florida, played college ball at Vanderbilt and is headed to Germany to play for Great Britain. Don't you have to love the World Baseball Classic?

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