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Another Perspective On Organization Talent Rankings

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Sure, the Prospect Draft might just be a way to make our loved ones ask again how it is exactly that we call this work. But we hope it also serves as another way to look at the hundreds of prospects we break down and line up every offseason. It started as a discussion Jim Callis and I had over dinner as we wound down the Prospect Handbook and lamented another talent-starved organization. We wondered exactly who the last player taken would be in a draft of every player in the Prospect Handbook.

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Exhibition Games Give Boost To Minors

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Spring training is nearly here, but it's not just about six weeks in Florida or Arizona. Another less noticeable part is the announcement of the exhibition games that usually wrap up spring training. Exhibition games are a fun corner of March (or early April) baseball, usually an effort to throw a bone to a minor league affiliate as the major league team heads north to start its season.

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New Draft Almanac Has Many Surprises

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Perhaps it's a disease that afflicts us after we've been at Baseball America a long time. Looking at draft list after draft list after draft list, what we usually find is that we wish we had more time to look at more draft lists.

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Parker Will Have Tommy John Surgery

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Diamondbacks pitching prospect Jarrod Parker is going to have Tommy John surgery, after going down in the middle of the season with elbow trouble. Arizona shut down the righthander, the organization’s […]