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Athletics Farmhand Suspended

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The commissioner's office announced the suspension of Athletics lefthander Leonard Landeros for 50 games, effective today, for testing positive for a "drug of abuse" in violation of minor league baseball's drug prevention and treatment program.


New Team Has Great Plans For Great Lakes

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It has been more than 50 years since professional baseball has been played in the Saginaw Bay region of Michigan. But it has really been a one-year process to bring the game back. And though there was still snow on the ground in February and 200 workers were feverishly finishing construction on the ballpark, optimism was high as the first Opening Day for the Midwest League's Great Lakes Loons drew closer.

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King Was One Of Minors’ Unheralded Innovators

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When most people involved in minor league baseball heard about the death of Dick King—if they heard about it at all—they probably weren't sure exactly who Dick King was. Yet he was as important as anyone among the handful of people who helped keep the minor leagues going in the 1950s and the couple of decades after that, paving the way for the rebirth that began in the late 1970s and continues even today.

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BA Crew, Award Winners Make For Best Gala Yet

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The Baseball America Awards Gala has been a special event for us from the first year of its existence (2001 in Boston). We're happy that it has become a major event on the Winter Meetings calendar as well. But even with the high bar past events have established, this year's event was special.

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