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Book Review: Brushing Back Jim Crow

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Willie Tasby summed it up: "I was born in America. I should have been able to play anytime, go anyplace I was able to." But Tasby, an outfielder who endured nine years in the minors before getting his chance, was just one of hundreds of black ballplayers whose access to America's Pastime was impeded by the prevailing, stubborn segregationist attitudes of the Deep South. In his thoroughly-researched Brushing Back Jim Crow, author Bruce Adelson details the hardships many of these athletes faced—often in their own words—as they pursued their dreams of playing in the big leagues during the 1950s and early '60s.

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Blue Jays Finish On Top Of Roster Study

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On the strength of players signed in the 1990s, the Blue Jays comfortably led the field with nearly 90 seasons produced since 1995. Among its leaders, Toronto retained the services of ace righthander Roy Halladay and center fielder Vernon Wells, but traded shortstops Michael Young (for Esteban Loaiza) and Cesar Izturis (for Luke Prokopec) along the way and lost outfielder Jay Gibbons to the Rule 5 Draft.

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