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Big Book Of Baseball Legends

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Like a good joke, a good story has to have an element of the unexpected to have any resonance. Baseball stories are no different. Babe Ruth instinctively knew this, playing coy whenever asked if he really did call his home run off Charlie Root in Game 3 of the 1932 World Series. Rob Neyer, in his "Big Book of Baseball Legends," attempts to get at the truth behind Ruth's infamous gesture, with the help contemporary newspaper accounts, player autobiographies and memoirs—and lots and lots of time devoted to Retrosheet research.

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Royals Bolster Pen With Ramirez

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The Rockies had been shopping 26-year-old righthander Ramon Ramirez this spring as they attempted to make room for lefty specialist Micah Bowie. They found a taker Wednesday, sending Ramirez to the Royals for a player to be named.

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