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Worth The Wait?

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It's hard to say whether the new downtown home of the Winston-Salem Dash will sustain enough long-term success to repay the city's hefty investment and regain the local denizens' good graces, as a cash of infusion of nearly $28 million in taxpayer money certainly drew the ire of plenty of residents. But for the 7,111 fans who showed up for Opening Day at BB&T Ballpark, all the glossy amenities seemed to, at least temporarily, wipe away all the previous tumult.

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‘Dodgertown’ By Another Name?

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Minor League Baseball knew it was getting a lot when it took over operation of the historic former spring training home of the Dodgers in Vero Beach, Fla. What was not part of the deal was the iconic name: Dodgertown. So nearly a year after taking over Dodgertown, Minor League Baseball reluctantly re-introduced it with an entirely new name: Vero Beach Sports Village.

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