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Lindor Grows Into An Impressive Leader

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Growing up, Francisco Lindor played a "3-2 game" during which his father, Miguel, pitched to him while both pretended the count was full. Whatever you do, Francisco was told, don't strike out. Strike outs meant running sprints. So with the 16U National Team trailing Cuba by one in the top of the 9th at the World Youth Championship in Taiwan, Lindor wasn't about to take a third strike, even if the ball looked outside.<br/>

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Springer Dashes Into National Spotlight

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George Springer needed just 90 feet to prove he was ready to make an impact. In a fall 2008 intrasquad scrimmage, Springer took one too many steps away from third base. Connecticut catcher Doug Elliot saw Springer's aggressive lead and called for a pitch-out. Time to teach the freshman a lesson. But Springer read Elliot's call and countered. When Elliot fired the ball to third, hoping to catch the runner napping, Springer bolted to the plate. By the time the catcher got the ball back, Springer had stolen home.

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Spence Hopes To Prove Himself Again

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For most of his life, Australian lefthander Josh Spence chased the dream of playing professional baseball in the United States. When he finally reached it last summer, when his seemingly endless repertoire of pitches earned him the promise of a six-figure contract, he let the dream go—if only temporarily.

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