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Corbin Burnes Shows Off Wide Repertoire

Brewers Final Report

Tom Haudricourt chooses postseason award winners for Brewers prospects.

Brandon Woodruff Reaches The Pinnacle

Delayed Debut

An injury delayed Brandon Woodruff's big league debut by six weeks.

Brewers Sign Tristen Lutz Near Deadline

Down To The Wire

The Brewers made prep Tristen Lutz a focal point of their draft class.

Brewers Expand International Reach

International Reach

The Brewers believe Ernesto Martinez has significant batting upside.

Elbow Trouble Keeps Nathan Kirby Out of Action

Kirby Still Brewing

The Brewers are waiting patiently for Nathan Kirby to get his pro career going.

Brewers Challenge Teenaged Mario Feliciano

Challenge Accepted

The Brewers don't consider Mario Feliciano an average teenager behind the plate.

Jesus Aguilar Forced Brewers’ Hand

Impossible Cut

Jesus Aguilar didn't make it tough to cut him; he made it impossible.

Crowded Outfield At Triple-A For Brewers

Competition Brewing

Brinson, Cordell and Phillips will be the starting outfield at Triple-A

Nick Ramirez To The Mound Is A Sensible Switch

Sensible Shift

With some help his pitching coach, Nick Ramirez started to look like a pitcher a[...]

Brett Phillips Puts ‘Down’ Season Behind Him

Rebound Town

Brett Phillips doesn’t make excuses for his 2016 season

Art Charles Finally Finds A Home

Work Of Art

Art Charles figures he’s ready to handle just about anything

Brewers Filling Up On Shortstops

Filling Up

A shortstop glut didn't stop the Brewers from adding Mauricio Dubon

Brewers Retaining Faith In Taylor Williams

Taylor Made

The Brewers didn't want to risk losing Taylor Williams

Brewers Shift Nick Ramirez

Shifting Ramirez

It only made sense to see what Nick Ramirez might be able to do as a pitcher

Brandon Woodruff Shows Fortitude

Showing Fortitude

After how Brandon Woodruff handled 2016, no one can question his toughness

Isan Diaz Found His Power Stroke

Iso For Isan

After a slow first half, Isan Diaz settled in at the plate

Brewers Challenge Ray With FSL Trial

Challenge Accepted

The Brewers figured Corey Ray was up to the task of starting in the FSL

Triple-A Poses A Challenge For Lopez

Tough In Triple-A

Not even the Brewers expected Jorge Lopez to struggle to the extent he has