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Plenty Of Picks

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The 2008 draft is unusual and exciting for scouting director Jack Zduriencik and the Brewers. Because Class A free-agent relievers Francisco Cordero (Reds) and Scott Linebrink (White Sox) signed with other clubs last winter, the Brewers picked up four extra picks before the end of the second round. A team that usually lacks picks has plenty of choices this year.

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Catching On

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No player likes being cut from major league training camp. But when Vinny Rottino got the news this spring, he couldn't help being a bit excited. When the Brewers gave Rottino the news he was going back to Triple-A Nashville for a third season, they told him he'd have a new assignment. Once a utilityman who played nearly every position on the field, Rottino would be catching—and catching only.

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