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Twins Triple-A Dish

Matt Eddy -

Few organizations handle player development as well as the Twins, and six of their finest prospects were found on Triple-A Rochester’s Opening Day roster. Glen Perkins was quickly recalled to […]

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Webster Back, Gold Out

Chris Kline -

Rangers’ outfielder Anthony Webster is expected to be back on the field at Double-A Frisco Thursday when the Roughriders play at home against Corpus Christi. The 2001 15th-round pick missed […]

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Chen Out With Shoulder Injury

Matt Eddy -

Yung-Chi Chen, the Mariners’ top middle infield prospect, will have surgery on his left shoulder and is slated to miss approximately five months. The 23-year-old Chen hit .295/.365/.443 in a […]

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BAPR Plus: April 19

J.J. Cooper -

Philip Hughes and David Purcey dominated. Dayton stayed undefeated and Kane County and Rome keep losing. Triple-A Philip Hughes watched as Chase Wright skipped Triple-A to join the Yankees rotation […]


Answering Some Questions

Jim Callis -

Wednesday’s Baseball America chat at focused primarily on the draft. Among the highlights: Rene (El Paso, TX): Hey Jim, love the chats. Aside from Matt LaPorta, are there any […]


Salem To Honor Hokies

Chris Kline -

High Class A Salem announced today that the club will continue to pay respects to fallen Virginia Tech students and faculty for the remainder of the 2007 season. Salem Memorial […]

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Desme Dismays Opposition

Aaron Fitt -

We’ve got some ground to cover before getting to this week’s mailbag, starting with Tuesday’s action in Houston. It’s always an event when Texas and Rice get together, but yesterday’s […]


CD Review: Ernie Harwell’s Audio Scrapbook

Alan Matthews -

At the age of 89, William Earnest Harwell seems as sharp and spry as he was during his days as a precocious teen in Atlanta, hustling up stories as a correspondent for the Sporting News in 1933. It's Opening Day, 2007, and though Harwell is five years removed from the radio booth, the voice of the longtime Detroit Tigers radio broadcaster remains full of excitement and energy, all of which is captured in the comprehensive, compelling four-disk audio series, "Ernie Harwell's Audio Scrapbook".

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Book Review: Inside Baseball, The Best Of Tom Verducci

Jon Caroulis -

om Verducci has a great job — he's the primary baseball writer at Sports Illustrated. This gives him the freedom to take as long as he needs to get the story, and (presumably) the opportunity to choose what he wants to write about. Certainly, there are issues that he has to cover — steroids, for instance — but what comes through in this collection of 21 stories is about his love of the game, a game he writes about so very well.

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Book Review: Brushing Back Jim Crow

Matt Eddy -

Willie Tasby summed it up: "I was born in America. I should have been able to play anytime, go anyplace I was able to." But Tasby, an outfielder who endured nine years in the minors before getting his chance, was just one of hundreds of black ballplayers whose access to America's Pastime was impeded by the prevailing, stubborn segregationist attitudes of the Deep South. In his thoroughly-researched Brushing Back Jim Crow, author Bruce Adelson details the hardships many of these athletes faced—often in their own words—as they pursued their dreams of playing in the big leagues during the 1950s and early '60s.

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