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Minor League Transactions

Matt Eddy -

This week’s installment considers all transactions reported between Oct. 20-26. Last week’s transactions available here. Arizona Diamondbacks Assigned to Arizona Fall League: RHP Max Scherzer, RHP Esmerling Vasquez, LHP Mark […]

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Intensity Gauge

Alan Matthews -

JUPITER, Fla.–Just as many of the scouts and college recruiters were catching flights out of West Palm Beach Sunday, the year’s final major scouting event was offering exhilarating baseball and […]


Giants Nab Barr

Alan Matthews -

JUPITER, Fla.–Following the 2005 season, the Dodgers hired former Giants executive Ned Colletti as their general manager, and now the Giants have returned the favor, as John Barr was named […]


Fall Classic

Alan Matthews -

JUPITER, Fla.–For baseball junkies, the only eye-popping velocites that can typically found this time of year are on Fox’ broadcasts of playoff games–where the radar gun readings at times appear […]


Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Are teams growing more reluctant to trade blue-chip prospects? Are the Angels mishandling Brandon Wood? How much does a pitcher's hitting ability factor into his ability to win and his worth to scouts?

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Will Work With Wood

Alan Matthews -

JUPITER, Fla.–As we have done for the past year or so, Baseball America is attending another major wood bat amateur tournament and providing insight and highlights here on the Draft […]


AFL Scout’s View: James Simmons

Chris Kline -Premium Content

The Athletics' 2007 first-round pick James Simmons was UC Riverside's ace since his freshman season in 2005, and wore that tag until this spring when Oakland took him 26th overall. We caught up with a veteran National League scout to provide us with a breakdown of Simmons, who could move extremely fast if he remains in the bullpen.

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Pepperdine Remains Calm Under Fire

Aaron Fitt -

As wildfires have spread through Southern California, forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes and destroying millions of dollars worth of property, Pepperdine’s emergency response has been […]