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Alday Resigns

Aaron Fitt -

Rich Alday, the winningest coach in New Mexico history, resigned Monday after 18 at the helm. Alday, 59, has guided the Lobos to a 513-511-3 record since 1990, but this […]


Promotion of the Day

Josh Leventhal -

The West Virginia Power certainly are not re-inventing the wheel with its promotional philosophy of keeping things as wacky as possible at the ballpark, but it has become one of […]


High Heat: May 22

Nathan Rode -Premium Content

A winless season doesn't go over well with most high school coaches, athletic directors and especially not the players. But for a small upstart program in Columbus, Ohio, it didn't mean much.

High School | #2007#High Heat

The Business Front

Josh Leventhal -

Stories Making Headlines Around the Minors • It seems unusual that the sale of an affiliated team could come as a complete surprise’”news of Harrisburg’s recent sale had been making […]


Prospect Pulse: May 28

Chris Kline -Premium Content

Dallas Braden had spent much of his young life messing up. But the world changed around him while Braden and his classmates were in Mexico. For the first time, he realized he needed to get serious if he was to have a future in baseball. For the last time, he was to have a mother.

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Draft Takes Final Big Steps On TV

Will Lingo -Premium Content

For many fans, it may have been no more than an interesting footnote. Even for serious fans, it probably just rated as another notable step in the evolution of the event. But for people who have followed the baseball draft for years, the news that it will be televised this year was nothing short of revolutionary.

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Diminutive Parker Rises Quickly

Michael Pointer -Premium Content

Jarrod Parker's wakeup moment, the one that he might reflect back on one day and consider the significance of, occurred in the summer of 2005. It came in the form of an invitation to the Area Code Games, a prominent showcase for high school players in Long Beach, one typically reserved for rising seniors. Many amateur baseball observers around Fort Wayne, Ind., already knew the spindly righthander had loads of talent. They just weren't sure he had realized it quite yet.

Draft | #2007#Draft Preview

On Draft Day, D-Rays Are Winners

Jim Callis -Premium Content

In their short existence, the Devil Rays never have won more than 70 games nor finished higher than fourth place. They've occupied the American League East basement in eight of their nine seasons. But one thing Tampa Bay has done well is execute first-round picks. The Rays reached for Paul Wilder with their first-ever draft choice in 1996, but since then they haven't missed too often.

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