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Draft Takes Final Big Steps On TV

Will Lingo -

For many fans, it may have been no more than an interesting footnote. Even for serious fans, it probably just rated as another notable step in the evolution of the event. But for people who have followed the baseball draft for years, the news that it will be televised this year was nothing short of revolutionary.

Draft | #2007

The Draft Goes Public

Alan Matthews -

Major League Baseball's draft has always been the year's most discussed day in baseball's inner circles, but for the first time in the draft's 43-year history, the masses were invited to partake in the pastime.

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BAPR Plus: June 14

J.J. Cooper -

There were no 37-run games on Wednesday, and Brandon Watson’s hitting streak took the day off along with the rest of the International League, but Wednesday’s games did include plenty […]


2007 College World Series Preview

Here's your guide to get you ready for all the action in Omaha. Our staff takes a look at all eight teams with scouting reports, top players and an Omaha outlook, while John Manuel travels back in time to show how Rosenblatt Stadium defines college baseball. You can also take a look at the top college baseball stories of 2007, and we have the complete bracket with the broadcast schedule.

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Team USA Names Roster

John Manuel -

USA Baseball has announced its 20-player roster for the 2007 college national team. The national team, coached this year by Long Beach State’s Mike Weathers, has a 20-man roster for […]


The Business Front

Josh Leventhal -

Stories Making Headlines Around The Minors • Folks in Reno are getting ready to celebrate, as relocating a Triple-A team to Northern Nevada took a big step forward when SK […]


Diminutive Parker Rises Quickly

Michael Pointer -

Jarrod Parker's wakeup moment, the one that he might reflect back on one day and consider the significance of, occurred in the summer of 2005. It came in the form of an invitation to the Area Code Games, a prominent showcase for high school players in Long Beach, one typically reserved for rising seniors. Many amateur baseball observers around Fort Wayne, Ind., already knew the spindly righthander had loads of talent. They just weren't sure he had realized it quite yet.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Why should teams buy into slotting draft bonuses? What's the scouting report on ambidextrous pitcher Pat Venditte? What's better, the No. 1 pick with no compensation choices, or no early pick but extra compensation choices?

Minors | #2007#Ask BA

BAPR Plus: June 13

J.J. Cooper -

There are nights where you have to love minor league baseball, and Tuesday was one of those days. Whether it was Brandon Watson extending his hitting streak to an amazing […]


Minor League Transactions

Matt Eddy -

This week’™s installment considers all transactions reported between June 2-8. Last week’™s transactions available here. No 2007 draft picks were reported as signed last week, but that will change beginning […]

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Pulling A Donovan

Josh Leventhal -

I want to thank reader Brett Zalaski for bringing this to my attention today. The Fort Myers Miracle plan to take a shot at Billy Donovan’s very brief coaching career […]