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More To The Story In Braves’ Move

Will Lingo -Premium Content

Minor league baseball's age of prosperity has meant stability for most of its franchises. When a team does move, the reasons usually aren't overwhelmingly interesting. A ballpark has gotten old or a market has become unattractive, and the team seeks greener pastures elsewhere.

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Minor League Transactions

Matt Eddy -

This week’s installment considers all transactions reported by MLB between Feb. 2 and 8. Last week’s transactions available here. Baltimore Orioles Signed: RHP Andy Mitchell Traded: LHP Erik Bedard to […]

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Special Summer

Matt Blood -Premium Content

Alex Meyer went from being an unknown local standout to becoming a highly coveted high school recruit, an All-American and a common name in scouting circles—all within the span of two innings.

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Ask BA

Jim Callis -

Could the Rays pass on consensus top prospect Pedro Alvarez with the No. 1 pick in the 2008 draft? How rare is it for a team to take a first baseman with a top-10 pick? Who are the top propsects who signed as nondrafted free agents?

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