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Patterson Dies At 73

Aaron Fitt -

Sad news today out of Louisiana, where former Louisiana Tech coach Pat "Gravy" Patterson died after fatally shooting his ailing 71-year-old wife and then himself, according to reports. Patterson is […]


Irvine Makes It Official

Aaron Fitt -

In case you missed it this week, UC Irvine has finally made its hiring of Mike Gillespie official. Gillespie and new associate head coach Pat Shine began running practices this […]


Hard Work Pays Dividends For Headley

David King -Premium Content

Chase Headley didn't do anything extraordinary during the winter. He didn't climb a mountain to visit the Oracle of All Hitting, or lock himself in the basement for four weeks with just his bats and gloves, or trade his soul to the devil for a better swing. No, he simply worked. And worked, and worked some more.

Minors | #2007#Prospect Bulletin

Minor League Transactions

Matt Eddy -

This week’s installment considers all transactions reported between Sept. 28-Oct. 5. Last week’s transactions available here. Arizona Diamondbacks Recalled: RHP Emiliano Fruto, RHP Leo Rosales, RHP Max Scherzer, OF Carlos […]

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