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Samardzija’s Bonus Won’t Set Record

Sources say two-sport standout Jeff Samardzija, a fifth-round pick of the Cubs last June, did not receive a signing bonus that could have amounted to a record $7.25 million. But he could get that amount or more in the near future as the Cubs try to sign him to a baseball-only contract.

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Top 50 Incoming Freshmen

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Here's a look at the top 50 incoming freshmen ranked by Aaron Fitt according to both immediate impact and long-term potential. As with most Baseball America rankings, the tie goes to better prospect.

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Rockies Pick Up Lopez For Rotation

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The Orioles didn't want to go to arbitration with Rodrigo Lopez and the Rockies sought another veteran starting pitcher. So the teams turned a trade on Friday, with Colorado picking up Lopez in exchange for Double-A righthanded relievers Jim Miller and Jason Burch.

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Ask BA

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What would the All-America team look like if players had to go to college for three years before being drafted? Who are the game's best players over the age of 35? What level of professional baseball are the winter leagues comparable to? What has happened to Kyle Sleeth and Tim Stauffer, the third and fourth picks in the 2003 draft?

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