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White Sox Think Their Development Tide Is Turning

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Fast track or off the tracks? The White Sox can cite success stories from their player-development system, based on the fact that Gordon Beckham, Daniel Hudson, Chris Sale and Addison Reed needed less than two years to reach the major leagues in the past three years. But after that? It's a sore subject among some members of the White Sox player-development staff, who point to the instant successes rather than the win-now, scrap-later style that has cost them more prospects at the expense of trying in recent years to win at the major league level.

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White Sox Get Fresh Fish For Guillen

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It doesn't matter if the White Sox are releasing manager Ozzie Guillen from his contract or trading a prospect. The common denominator is that they'll often seek raw talent with a high ceiling rather than a finished product with less overall potential.<br/><br/>That was the case when they acquired righthanded reliever Jhan Marinez and infielder Ozzie Martinez from the Marlins as compensation when Guillen was let go with one year left on his contract to join Florida.

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