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Mining For Talent

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As director of the Major League Scouting Bureau, Frank Marcos is quietly one of the most influential people in baseball. While the 30 major league franchises all have their own scouting staffs, the scouting bureau serves as an independent, nationwide scouting network that evaluates prospects and reports its assessments to all the teams. Freelance writer Lorraine Cwelich, on assignment for Baseball America, sat down with Marcos for a look at exactly what scouts consider when rating prospects—and how a young player can access the scouting system. The conversation with Marcos revealed (among many other things) what scouts observe that is unrelated to results, as well as how the mission of the scouting bureau differs from that of individual teams.

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Urban Academy Gives Players A Chance

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It is very difficult to soar as a fledgling baseball player when you've never been taught that batting practice isn't synonymous with hacking, or when the coach at your inner city public high school doesn't respond to invitations from scouts to recommend players for tryouts. It is even harder when you're lucky enough to somehow land a scholarship to a prestigious prep school, only to find that every black player is benched, every single game, and only white players start. It is nearly impossible when showcases such as Perfect Game can cost up to $600—before travel expenses. But during the week of July 21, angels of both the guardian and Anaheim persuasion intervened and in the city of Compton, a handful of miles away from the rubble of South Central L.A., a minor miracle occurred.

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