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Surprising Shift

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Robert Stock might need convincing, but few others do once they see him throw. For years people have debated whether the best path for Stock to take to the major leagues was as a pitcher or a catcher. Stock figured he had ended the discussion when he made the headline-grabbing decision to skip his senior year of high school and enroll at Southern California, where he'd get an education in catching from 16-year major league veteran and Trojans head coach Chad Kreuter. The plan didn't quite go as expected.

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Small Ball Master

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The garage door didn't stand a chance. Opposing baseball teams often don't fare much better. Ever since he began the childhood routine of throwing a tennis ball against the family's garage door, racing to retrieve the ball at various angles and quickly getting off the return throw that would start the cycle all over again, Ben Orloff has been devoted to perfecting the little things in baseball.

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