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Broshuis: Beware MLB, NCAA Joint Venture

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Bud Selig may not have the cunning of Odysseus, but he and his braintrust are not idiots. Baseball's commissioner is entrusted to act "in the best interests of baseball," which really means acting in the best interests of baseball's owners. As a former player and current advocate of minor league players' rights, you can understand my trepidation upon hearing the announcement that MLB is interested in somehow "partnering" with the NCAA to sponsor more college baseball scholarships.

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Suitcase Chronicles: Now An Outsider

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My feet guided me mindlessly in the familiar place. I rounded corners and wxplored with the ease one finds when returning to their childhood home. My jeans and light sweater shielded me from the slight morning chill—I've worn a similar outfit innumerable times as I walked the Arizona grounds during the early AM hours. As I approached the spring training complex, I felt I should go inside. I wanted to see my old locker. I wanted to touch the old weights of my workouts. I wanted to lie on the training room tables that supported my stretching. Yet I couldn't. They no longer belonged to me.

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