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Villalona Ready For Second Chance

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Giants farmhand Angel Villalona got $2.1 million to sign in 2006 but has not played in a U.S. league since 2009. He was arrested on murder charges in September 2009 and had been unable to obtain a work visa to travel to the U.S., but a cash settlement and dropping of the charges in the Dominican Republic has given Villalona a second chance.

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Royals’ Cuthbert Credits His Corn Island Roots

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To say that Cheslor Cuthbert was born to be a baseball player is a bit of an understatement. After confirming that his newborn baby's hands were big enough to be a ballplayer, Cuthbert's father immediately began planning his son's baseball career. When the younger Cuthbert reached the age when he was ready for structured competition, the father formed a four-team Little League to assure that his son had the proper competitive environment.

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