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Richard Lovelady Sharpens His Slider

Slider Step

Reliever Richard Lovelady throws a dominant fastball but must improve his slider[...]

Chase Vallot Regains Feel In Batter’s Box

Back In The Box

Chase Vallot got back on track after suffering multiple beanings last season.

Athletic Khalil Lee Stands Out

Lee Stands Out

Khalil Lee had just two plate appearances against a younger pitcher.

Improved Discipline Helps Anderson Miller Thrive

More Discipline

Staying in the strike zone has helped Anderson Miller succeed.

Power Carries Chris DeVito To a Quick Promotion

Red Hercules

Wilmington’s Frawley Stadium will be more of a challenge for Chris DeVito.

Jorge Bonifacio Infuses Royals With New Energy

Energy Boost

Jorge Bonifacio has the power to hit 20 homers annually in the majors.

Jake Junis Got An Unexpected Call

Unexpected Call

Jake Junis did not expect to be called up after a poor spring.

Bubba Starling’s New Outlook

New Outlook

Bubba Starling vows not to let the pressure get to him

A.J. Puckett Climbs Quickly

Puckett On The Rise

A.J. Puckett quickly went from unheralded prospect to big league camp

Cam Gallagher Earns Spring Playing Time

Earning Time

It did not take long for Cam Gallagher to become the Royals’ top catcher

D.J. Burt Proves To Be On-Base Machine

On-Base Burt

D.J. Burt knows a thing or two about touching first base.

Slow Start, Strong Finish For Todd Eaton

Strong Finish

For Todd Eaton, it is not how you start but how you finish

Miguel Almonte Finds His Role

Finding A Role

Miguel Almonte seems to fit better in the bullpen

Taylor Kaczmarek Keeps Fighting

Still Fighting

Cancer survivor Taylor Kaczmarek is trying to get his velocity back

Andrew Edwards Takes Another Step

Another Step

Andrew Edwards has gone from a 19th-round pick to added to 40-man roster.

Nicky Lopez Knows The Limits Of His Game


Shortstop Nicky Lopez, a fifth-round pick out of Creighton, knows his game

Meibrys Viloria Breaks Through With MVP Year

Breaking Through

Meibrys Viloria went from zero extra-base hits in 2015 to MVP in 2016

Mondesi Back For Seconds

Back For Seconds

Raul A. Mondesi will play second base for the Royals for now

Webb’s Signing Has A Nice Ring 

Grounds Game

The next time Nathan Webb steps on the field, he would like it to be on the moun[...]

Hunter Gathering Hits

Hunter Hitting

Hunter Dozier has rebounded from a poor 2015 season.